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After our cruise we’ll have an early lunch on the waterfront at the Oar House Deck.We’ll continue with a walk up to Market Street where we can stroll through the gardens at the historic Moffatt-Ladd House. After the garden tour you will have the option of paying for an indoor tour of the Moffatt-Ladd house or you can browse the shops and waterfront on Bow and Ceres Street. TORONTO – Online dating can open new doors for singles looking for a chance at finding love, but dangerous risks can sometimes exist on the other side of the screen.Learn relaxation skills, coping strategies, mindfulness, grounding skills, how to validate feelings, setting limits with others, and taking "time out" for yourself. Topics will include: ...""Facilitator will present ideas and concepts that will transform your thinking and renew your mind through storytelling, journaling, group sharing, brainstorming in groups, mindfulness and meditation, gentle movement, breathwork, gentle and restorative yoga postures and guided imagery.Share your experiences and gather helpful advice from others in ...""Sober Yogis(tm) strives to enhance the recovery experience of individuals in all stages of change by building a safe and supportive community. Enrollment is limited to 8 ...""This group is for adult women who are stuck in terms of identity, career, parenting, depression, anxiety, sadness, menopause issues, empty-nest issues, life changing situations. Topics will include: ...""Anger is a natural state which occurs in all of us.

Anthony Hutchinson is a nationally-recognized, award-winning community leader who is a Clinician, Professor, Epidemiologist, Author, and Conference Presenter. Hutchinson supports insurance & personal injury situations. Hutchinson holds a high level of expertise in supporting people impacted by ...""Dr.

Wednesday, August 30th Let’s be a tourist for a day in charming Portsmouth!

We’ll start our day with a harbor cruise aboard the Heritage.

Wednesday, June 14th An icon is an image of a holy person or event, created by an iconographer who follows the strict standards of the Orthodox Church.

Most of the objects in this collection are created with paint on wooden board but they can also be made with other materials, including mosaic, fresco, embroidery and metal.


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