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Click here for more Lookout Point pictures Harley Park, located on the bluffs of the Missouri River, was established in August of 1887.

Ground was given to the city to provide a park for the community by William Harley, an emigrant from Ireland who was born in 1796 and came to Boonville many years before the Civil War.

Our studio is housed in the oldest commercial building built in Boonville (1840), and has been restored to showcase the beauty of decades past!

We are equipped with two kilns, five potter's wheels, Soldner mixer, glazing area, large handbuilding table, kid's area and a small gallery that features work for sale.

Several German families (Jegglin, Vollrath, Thoma, and Weyrich) each set up their own productions, greatly contributing to the area's reputation for fine-crafted pottery.

If you enjoy discovering uncrowded destinations and attractions, eating in one-of-a-kind restaurants and meeting the friendly people living in small towns, consider a minivacation within a few hours of your backyard.

We are committed to helping singles in Missouri find love every day by narrowing the field from thousands of single prospects to match you with a select group of compatible matches.

The main areas are decorated with 19th century antique pieces, especially from the local area, which add to the history and charm.

There is a vast map collection on display, dating back to the 1890’s.

Hotel Frederick is a historic hotel located in Boonville, Missouri, and was built in 1905.

Although the hotel has been renovated over the years, it still has much of the original charm and character of the turn of the century era.


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