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Karla also said that Rommel is still very protective of her. Alam mo ako, kapag may pagkakataon kasi na makakalabit at makausap ko siya na medyo papakiligin ko, ganun," Rommel admitted. You know, whenever there's a chance to talk to her, I like to make her feel like I'm flirting with her.) Rommel also made sure to acknowledge Karla in his speech during Daniel's 21st birthday party in April.

Donna is a former correspondent of The Philippine Daily Inquirer-Northern Luzon Bureau.

Filipinas have a very positive values and attitude and we believe Filipina women deserve much love and respect.

We offer features that will make your search for new friends, activity partners and love enjoyable, easy and secure.

So now, we agreed to stop all cases and just co-parent our kids.) Karla Estrada and Rommel Padilla, the parents of matinee idol Daniel Padilla, are such good friends that Rommel can even joke about feeling jealous whenever his ex-lady love is rumored to be dating someone new.

In a recent episode of Rommel and Karla revealed they remained very good friends after the breakup.

While making small talks, Hak-su lets it out that he was recently released from prison making Sang-jin quite uncomfortable.

After setting into the beautifully isolated, closed down B&B, various unexpected characters pass by the place including Hak-su.

In their adolescence, both Virginia and Ignacio, who turns out to be gay, fall in love with Edilberto, who later marries Inya. Ichiro (Jay Manalo) falls in love with the gay Ignacio who masquerades as a woman and assumes the name Inya while Edilberto joins the guerilla movement and solicits Ignacio alias Inya to spy on the atrocious enemy.

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He joined UST’s student theatrical group, Teatro Tomasino.

He's a member of a fellowship that helps educate the youth, a member of the Red Cross and has led Knowledge Channel runs to help out public schools.


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