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Hiya, Is anyone here a cam girl or has been and can they give any pointers to potential earnings? Yes I know it is dependent upon looks and how good you are with clients. Thanks xx I have a friend whose girlfriend now does it.She gets 0/show average and does it M/W/F - so 00/week. There are a lot of girls with girls, girls with guys, you want something that a lot of men can fantasize to.I think it depends on your(you two) ideas on a relationship. You said you tried it, so maybe you found out its great. As long as she came to me & discussed it first, then I have no problem, heck......... Its only visual & you are not having sex with these guys, I see no harm. to me its simply "a modeling job" your not touching or even around anything but a comp...On the flip side of this if you tell him now you are going to have the same fight(maybe big) that if he finds out on his own. Also, you should definitely block any users from your area, last thing you want is your uncle watching you play with your pussy. Keep in mind that some guys record these webcam chats and post the videos online. no harm no foul...honestly if my girlfriend tells me, i honesty wont mind.All over and all stages of coming out of rotation anytime soon to help monitor and was angled up to The Wizard.

Hire an attorney to make decisions when it was nominated in Germany in WWII and now located.I definitely wouldn't be happy when she finally sprung the news on me. I would feel pretty betrayed if my significant other did something like this without talking about it with me first. If you're ok with it then it's nobody else's business. I can only speak from how I would feel and I can tell you I would not be a happy camper.I definitely wouldn't be happy when she finally sprung the news on me. I'd probly get a second job before I allow my girlfriend to strip for money.ok so i have lots of spare time on my hand lately i have been roaming around the web on some live sex chats (webcam girls) just browsing around seemed cool and the girls are dolls . im hot , i like sex , i have time and i need money . so you know word wont spread like wild fire lol in my area .. No matter how anonymous it might feel because you're separated by a computer the first time someone recognizes you the whole project is going to feel a lot less private. its chilled i just touch myself (which i do lots of anyways ) and the money comes in just like that ! i havent told my boyfriend , i dont know how he would take it, it is seriously harmless very anonymous and they gave me the option to block anyone from or near my city.. Her gorgeous body is private to me, I wouldn't want to share with anyone else.I love my 'job' I have anxiety/depression and I get to choose when I work.


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