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The ‘date safe’ campaign is a collaboration between the charity Victim Support, advice website Get Safe Online, Age UK, City of London Police and Metropolitan Police, working with trade body the Online Dating Association.A spokesman for the City of London Police warns: ‘The numbers we see are just the tip of the iceberg as people often do not report cases because they feel stupid for being deceived.’The campaign hopes to prevent the heartache and financial loss suffered by people such as David, who told The Mail on Sunday about being defrauded of his life savings in a dating scam.The warehouse worker is still piecing his life and finances back together three years on.David, 58, turned to online dating after the break-up of a long-term relationship.People have wasted thousands of hours of my time (I get several hundred emails/day, many of them continuing chain emails from this site) because they wanted me to do some research on the internet for answers to their questions, or wanted me to retype the information that is already on my website piece-meal into emails -- probably because I did not charge them for my time. Colleagues charge 0 for a 15 minute consultation, and say that people are sending countless emails for every aspect of everything that they should be looking up themselves because it doesn't cost them anything.Unfortunately, most people won't even take the time to read a book (or the information on my website) even if their very life depends upon it!

Instead, please take the time to research the information on this site that I have made available to you for no cost to you, and take charge of your own health instead of delegating it to someone else and then just trying to chat with them without making the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle that require a lot of self-discipline and learning on your part.

The information you need is here: please read it and use it!

There is no easy way out of reading and learning what you need to do to help save your life by simply talking for a few minutes on the phone or exchanging a couple of emails: you're trying to undo a lifetime of bad habits and it's going to take some work, and after you beat the cancer, you are still going to have to follow a very good diet and lifestyle and take supplements (fewer than when you had active cancer, but still substantial) to help keep the cancer from returning.

As a paid user, you can view all photos posted on other profiles, send and receive unlimited emails, and see who has viewed your profile.

Many other premium add-ons – like the Email Read Notification service that allows you to see who has opened and read your emails – are also available for purchase.


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    According to Pew Research, 15% of American adults report using online dating sites or mobile dating apps.

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